Transformed Tuesday…

“But Jesus said, “No, go home to your family, and tell them everything the Lord has done for you and how merciful he has been.””

‭‭Mark‬ ‭5:19‬ ‭NLT‬‬

Ashamed, broken, depressed, hurt, insecure, fearful, lost, weak, you had me so tightly wrapped up in your crippling grip that it felt as though I could no longer breath.  Living in a constant state of silence , even when you weren’t around the fear of being in your presence shook my entire soul.  Internally thoughts plagued my mind, questioning my worth and value daily, left feeling void of all happiness.  Thoughts of leaving you turned into tears filled with anxiety, anxiety turned to alcohol to numb the pain.  But, how could this happen to me? I’d always said that I’d be the one to leave so what am I still doing here?

Verbal threats laced with aggression and intimidation continued to replay over and over in my mind.  How could this be you’re such a strong woman right? On the outside showing nothing but, strength and smiles… on the inside I was slowly dying.  Laying in bed at night with a pillow soaked full of tears, it began to replay as if it were the very first day that I’d ever met you.  

Domestic Violence I’m talking about you, YES you!!!  You vile, insecure, shallow thing you.  I’ve come to realize that the only reason that you chose to do what you did was because, of the way that you truly felt about yourself.  Your outward appearance came off as big, brave and honorable.  But, internally you were nothing but, a heaping pile of cowardly, worthless insecurities yourself.  You set out to break me down and destroy every part of my being.

But, I am here to tell you today that you failed.  Jesus came in like a knight in shining armor and rescued my depressed soul.  Over time Jesus begin to show me thru the reading of his word and constant prayer, who he’d created me to be.  I no longer felt broken, I was able to forgive and I was able to put down the bottle.  

Jesus turned my mess into a message and the feeling of being a victim into victory!!!

I’m sharing my testimony today because, Jesus delivered me and I know he will do the same for you. No matter what your situation may be understand that you were created for so much more.  You are loved, deserving of happiness and so worthy, so refuse to settle.  Jesus did it all and I will never be able to take the credit nor will I ever be able to repay him for all that he’s done for me because, he truly set me free!!! (John 8:36)

God you deserve all of the glory, honor and praise!!!

  • If they are trying to completely isolate you from family and friends it may seem innocent at first but, this behavior can turn into being very controlling and possessive.
  • Verbal abuse/threats often turn into physical abuse/aggression.
  • “I promise I won’t hurt you again or I didn’t mean to do it” (Do not fall for this…)
  • Do not be ashamed it is not your fault.
  • This is not love, I repeat this is not love.

I had no clue what true love was until I allowed God to come into my heart.

Allow Jesus to heal your broken soul he will take those pieces and put them all back together again turning your brokenness into beauty. (Psalms 147:3)

                  True love does not hurt

Needing help or know someone in need of help:

          Jesus loves you so much ❤️


  1. This is such a powerful one!! My sister you are truly talented and have a way with words that make me feel the emotions and all while reading . I too have been a victim many times but no more . There’s beauty in our brokenness 🦋

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  2. GOD has blessed you with the talent of writing. Your testimony will hit home to a lot of people and I see many people coming to GOD after reading your blog. This is truly powerful, people need to know that GOD is bigger than our problems. He wants us to depend totally on him for everything. Tell him that you need him to rescue you and he will. I love the plate example!!! Love you, Auntie C

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